Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Only One Voice in a Million

I made this on my Sabbath and few weeks ago. It was inspired by a Natasha Bedingfield song, "Strip Me." There is a line that says, "I'm only one voice in a million but you ain't taken that from me!"

It kind of looks like it should be in a nursery. That wasn't what I was intending, but its cute and was fun to paint.

WJPK updates to come soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wed July 27th!!!

When Justice and Peace Kiss is an artistic fusion of original visual and performing art created by youth from South Los Angeles and artistic adult leaders. Centered around the theme of our hopes and dreams, it will be a night of self expression through music, dance, poetry, theatre, painting and more.

What I am most passionate about is giving students a venue and outlet to express themselves and for the world to hear their stories and thoughts.

This is a night where students voices are heard, talents are shown, dreams are honored, and stories are told.

Please join us for the culminating performance of When Justice and Peace Kiss on Wed, July 27th.
Our performance will be held at 24th Street Theater. The address is 1117 W. 24th St. Los Angeles, CA 90007.
We will have two performances, one at 5:00pm and another at 7:30pm.
Admission is free!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cockroach Combat

Supplies needed for cockroach combat:

Metal kitchen ladle

Study shoes (for squishing)


Lots of paper towels

Garden gloves

Hot glue

Trash bags


Our story today is story for bravery, heroines, battles and victory. It begins on a typical day in the kingdom of Los Angeles in the castle of JAM (Jennifer, Amanda, Megan). The brave and beautiful Jennifer was brushing her teeth in the bathroom when she caught out of the corner of eye, a rather peculiar sight. When she turned there before her on the wall sat the most enormous cockroach she had ever encountered. It was an orangy gold color stretching about 2 inches long and ½ and inch wide. The brave and beautiful Jennifer remained calm in the midst of encountering this vicious creature and slowly backed out of the bathroom. She called for her roommate the fair and fierce Megan. Megan came to see this enormous creature. They knew that they must devise a plan to defeat this enemy as they would not let him conquer their bathroom. Megan volunteered to lead the attack, and Jennifer would come as back up. Megan armed herself with a coffee mug to smash the creature against the wall. But he dodged her attack and scurried down the wall to the floor. Both maidens screamed out in fear of the beast’s movement. New armory was needed to defeat this beast. Jennifer armed herself with a metal kitchen ladle and Megan put on study tennis shoes to squash the beast. As he ran across the tile, brave and beautiful Jennifer leaped on his path striking him with the ladle. She struck him until his body cracked and crumpled, his guts oozed onto the bathroom tile. Although there was much screaming in the battle, they could rest easy knowing that their bathroom was safe from the beast.

But this was only a small battle and although they had possible assassinated the leader, there was still an army of smaller cockroaches living in the kitchen. They devised that they must strike when the troops were sleeping. Fair and fierce Megan and brave and beautiful Jennifer enlisted the help of another mighty warrior, the kind but killer Amanda. Jennifer and Amanda decided to do a deep cleaning of the kitchen in attempts to discover their hiding places and clean out their army base. The first site of this cleaning was the counter shelving unit. This shelving unit has holes to change the levels of the shelves, pictured below.

Jennifer and Amanda discovered that the younger cockroach warriors were turning these holes into their own little condos. The kind but killer Amanda invaded their homes by sticking q-tips through the holes and then putting hot gluing in so that they would not return. Mission #1 success.

The next attack site was under the stove and fridge. Jennifer was not only brave and beautiful but has the strength of a lion to move the fridge by herself. Hidden beneath the stove and fridg, was a cockroach grave site. It was sickening to discover. The fair but fierce Megan went in with Raid to gas out any sleeping survivors. Both maidens, armed with gardening gloves and lots of paper towels cleaned out the dead bodies. Mission #2 success.

Although even now a remnant remains, the strength of the cockroach army has been defeated by the Kind but Killer Amanda, Brave and Beautiful Jennifer, and Fair but Fierce Megan. And the King stands over the JAM castle to protect it.