Sunday, March 2, 2014

An unpolished poem

I tap, peck, flip, scribble, nibble
The d D e E t T a A a i I L l s S S 
rewind, reply, rewind replay, fast forward, pause, rewind, reply
Freedom, peace, and release are what I seek.

The looooonging, hope, desire, lust, sin, needs unfulfilled depress me.
The emptiness, numbness, disengagement, lethargy, disconnection, and apathy bind me
Promises, feelings, love, and joy are what I seek.

In today's spirited battle Team Uncertainty with their MVP players: Fear, Unbelief, Anxiety, Money and Comfortably will take on Team Hopeful with their all star players: Excitement, Newness, Adventure, Risks, and Learning. It should be a good match today folks. 
Trust, dependence, provision and guidance are what I seek.

The trying, repeating, strategizing, restrategizing, frustration, anger, yelling, well up in me and suck the life out of me. I drag myself up, down, forward, right, left. Try harder, find strength, find energy, push just a little longer until I collapse into exhaustion.
Patience, compassion, energy, and to thrive are what I seek.

I am a creature of many needs, many flaw, many mistakes, many sins. Thank GOD you are a God of limitless mercy, love, forgiveness. Stick in there with me, I'm worth it, or so you tell me.