Sunday, October 21, 2012


Now anyone who knows me knows that exercising and me do not go together. I just can't do it. I'm a baby. I can't push through the pain and tiredness. However, if I trick myself into doing something that is not called exercise then I can do a lot more. For instance, hiking, I love it, and can trick my mind into thinking that I am not really exercising. I walked for miles everyday when I was in Europe. However, put my on a treadmill and I will be over it in about 10 minutes.

A friend of mine invited me to come with her to a Zumba class. That sounds like an exercise class, I can't do exercise classes. I have bad memories of almost passing out in my high school aerobics class. She said  "No its like dancing." I decided to give it a try. I didn't know this ahead of time, but I was the only white girl in this class. The Zumba class is just a few blocks from my house and was all Latina women. My awkward whiteness and freakishly tallness stuck out like a sore thumb. Even though i am 1/4 Mexican, boy does that not come out at all in my rhythm. I am all gringo when it comes to Latin dancing. But taking the advise of a friend a while back, I decided I am just going to own it. I am going to own my whiteness and tallness and just do this, and do it badly, but do it. Sometimes I felt very self conscious about my lack of hip action in the dance moves but when I was able to let that go, I had a lot of fun. I hope that having a buddy will help me to keep this being a regular thing. I just have to keep tricking myself that I am not working out, even though I am covered in sweat when I leave.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

City scape and Negative Space

Here is some art projects that I did with my students recently.
 The above is a city scape in which they used pastels to make a sunset.

This is a negative space project where I had them tape off a design and then paint over the background. After the paint dried, I ripped off the tape to reveal the design. Hardest part of the project: ripping tape off a roll of masking tape. Even the older ones could not rip it off. Did not think that would be so challenging.