Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Neighborhood

 I felt inspired by the visual arts team for WJPK and decided to do a little photo session of my own around my neighborhood. Here are also some short, corny, silly, somewhat deep reflections.

 I call this one "Happiness Waiting for the Garbage Truck."
 Tourist Taking Strange Picture at USC
This makes me wonder where this hat has been before in landed here as litter. Who wore it? Where did they wear it? Things you don't think about unless you are looking for a picture.  
Don't shoot down my heart! 
 Barbie cake. My question is, how do you eat it?
 Lived here for 3 years never been inside this store. 
 My neighbor's garden
 Gates make me sad.

 I call this the Pocahontas tree at USC
 I am not a person who walks slowly but I appreciate those who do. I wonder how they take in the world differently from me.

 Longing for friendship that looks like this. Or least how I imagine in my head their friendship to be based on this picture.
Rolling in the grass seems like what God created it for. 

 This is major stalker status. 
 Missing being able to "play" with my sisters.
 The beauty that is discarded and left behind.
The multiculturalism of LA. I love it!
 What lies ahead of you?
 Don't let anyone tell you that you can't walk somewhere
 Sometimes my heart feels like a maze that is always under construction
Waiting for...