Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Justice and Peace Kiss 2012

When a burning feeling that cannot be expressed
Loneliness, Anger, Fear,
finds a strange impulse with nowhere to go,
I just need to hit something, I want to crawl into a hole and cry
an inspiration is born.

When stories cannot be forgotten
Travon Martin
and experiences that shape your life
the day my dad left, when I found out I got into college
feed that inspiration, an idea for something new arises.

When imagination simmers,
like a savory home cooked stew
creativity splatters,
like a kindergartener gone wild with finger paints,
                   and originality explodes
like a 4th of July fireworks show
onto that raw idea, it transforms into a creation.

When the beat of music,
Baboom, boom, boom,    boom.
the flair of characters,
“I placed my lips right over the cherry stained chapstick mark of his cup.”
or the flow of movement
shape that creation, giving it structure, it matures into art.

When rehearsal, effort, tuning, and feedback
Let’s do it again, take it from the top, let me feel it
refine and polish that art, it becomes a piece of quality work.

When listening ears, encouraging eyes, joyful cheers, and personal compliments
You did such a good job, I’m so proud of you, That was amazing
receive that work, pride and value are left.

When pride and value meet teenagers living in South LA,
they break the mold of what you expect, they demolish stereotypes, defy statistics, and end patterns that their families have followed.
When I see a teenager  inspired to defeat the systems of poverty,
that is When Justice and Peace Kiss.

This summer is When Justice and Peace Kiss’ 6th Annual production. Thank you to all who have supported the project in the past. If you would like to support the needs of WJPK this summer please go online and to and select Fundraiser for Megan Ibarra on the donate page.